Design inspiration

The purpose of designing this Kendaza car phone holder is to solve the problems of existing car holders and bring better experience and convenience to drivers. At the same time, we hope that this car phone holder can become a leading product in the market through innovative design and material selection to meet the high quality demand of drivers for car holders.

We conducted three month of market research on the use of car phone mounts

1. Online research: We used online questionnaires and invited the majority of drivers to participate in the research by posting questionnaires on major social media platforms and research websites. Our questionnaire covered various questions about car mounts, including usage habits, needs, expectations, etc., which helped us to better understand consumers' needs.

2. Face-to-face communication: We participated in a number of car exhibitions, owners' club activities and other occasions to have face-to-face communication and research with drivers. By communicating with consumers directly, we can understand their needs and expectations for car mounts more intuitively, and we can also get more inspiration and encouragement from the communication with consumers.

3. Fieldwork: We conducted fieldwork in different cities and regions to observe drivers' use of car mounts while driving. Through field observations, we were able to more accurately understand the problems and pain points that consumers encounter when using car mounts, so that we can better provide them with solutions.

Through market research, we learned that the existing car mounts have the following problems:

1.Lack of stability: some car mounts are easy to shake or fall in the car, causing safety hazards.

2.Installation difficulties: some car brackets are complicated to install, requiring professional installation or tools for installation, which brings unnecessary trouble to drivers.

3.Insufficient compatibility: Some car brackets can only be installed on specific models or dashboards, limiting the scope of use.

4.Insufficient protection for mobile devices: Some car mounts are easy to scratch mobile devices and cause damage to them.

5.Not easy to remove: some car mounts are installed with sticky gel pads, and the suitability of removing the mount will leave an imprint on the dashboard, which is difficult to clean.

The source of design inspiration is from various user pain points and needs from market research, we considered these pain points and needs, and also observed some existing car phone mount products, and analyzed and compared them.

We decided to use aerospace PTFE material to manufacture the car mount, which is extremely durable and stable and can withstand large forces and vibrations to provide more reliable support for mobile devices.

At the same time, we added high-density silicone material on the surface of the bracket, which provides better anti-slip and cushioning ability to protect the mobile device from wear and friction.

In order to solve the problem of inappropriate viewing angle, we designed a 360-degree rotating bracket, which can meet the user's demand for multi-angle and multi-directional viewing angle, providing a more flexible and convenient experience for drivers.

Lastly, we used super strong suction cups that allow stable installation and removal of the car mount without leaving any residue or marks on the car.

We want to bring safety and convenience to drivers.